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  •, a classified advertising website that was once the second largest online marketplace in the United States, has been shut down by the federal government. The site was known for its adult ads, which included escort services and other sexual content.

    The shutdown of comes after years of pressure from law enforcement and advocacy groups who said the site was facilitating sex trafficking and child prostitution. In 2016, Congress  passed a law that made it easier to prosecute websites that knowingly hosted sex trafficking ads. And last year, the Justice Department unsealed an indictment against seven people who ran, alleging that they had used the site to launder money and facilitate prostitution.

    The shutdown of is a major victory for advocates who have Backpage been fighting to end sex trafficking. But it's also likely to have some unintended consequences, as many sex workers say they will now be forced to work on the street or turn to even more dangerous online platforms.

     Seizure, a popular website for classified ads, has been seized by the FBI. The website was known for its adult ads, which included escort services and other sexual content.

    This seizure comes after years of pressure from lawmakers and law enforcement to crack down on sex trafficking. It is unclear what will happen to the website now that it is in the hands of the FBI.


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